Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Is Wes Clark Thinking?

Surely he can't be serious. But yes he is and don't call him Shirley! This is via Powerline.

Still, I was shocked to learn that in a conference call with reporters earlier today, Clark argued that Hillary Clinton's experience as First Lady has better prepared her to be Commander in Chief than John McCain's "wrong kind" of military service.

First, McCain's edge when it comes to national security has so much more to do with his overall political experience and not just military. But the man was more than "just a fighter pilot." He is from a Navy family, and a graduate of the US Naval academy. He knows not just what it means to be in combat but what it means to lead into combat and to see family members march or sail off to war. Now let's combine that John McCain's experience in the Senate since 1986 and his work on the Armed Services Committee. General, paleaseeeee.