Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama Family 5- America 0

I have tried to keep score here, so if I missed one of the Obama family's insults to white America just check out this article by Andy McCarthy.

Let's see now, Obama has called those who make racist comments (including his granddma), the  "typical white people", and considers a pregnancy a "punishment". His wife, bless her heart, thinks America is a mean and nasty place, and a place she has never been proud of until Barry ran for President. And after attending a church for 20 years that preached white America is the US of KKK, its no wonder Barry and his wife think white middle Americans are just a bunch of gun toten, bible tumpin, Mexican fearin, unedgicated, "po" white trash, as in "forgive them Karl, they know not what they do." And he calls us bigots. Oh brother.

How much do we all need to hear before we get a pretty good picture of what Barry thinks of America. I rest my case ... well until Barry spews forth some other bigoted comment.