Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Torch and Tibet

It's hard to fathom as Americans just how hard it is to be a Tibetan in Tibet. Religious freedom is not tolerated despite what you might read. Monks and temples sanctioned by the Chinese and working with the Chinese are tolerated, but for the most part practicing Tibetan Buddhists are persecuted, jailed and yes, sometimes killed. Economically they are relegated to second class citizen status and their homeland has been taken over by Chinese who have been shipped into the province by the train load. The Dalai Lama is seen as an enemy of the state.

China rules Tibetans with an iron fist. Ask anyone who has run up against the security guards in blue. Maybe under the circumstances then you can understand why they are taking this opportunity to inform the world.

I almost never agree with James Carville but on this I do.

I also agree with John McCain.