Friday, April 4, 2008

This Morning's Headlines

British Muslims 'planned to kill thousands by bringing down SEVEN transatlantic airliners in one go with liquid bombs'. Still at war folks.

Pelosi warns Petraeus on Iraq testimony ... what? Memo to Nancy: he's a General not a politican. Oh brother.

People are down on the economy ... even though their finances are fine.
"Today, however, Americans report being deeply worried about the country even though many say their own personal finances are still in fairly good shape." I wonder why?

Some Banks are foreclosing ... but not taking possession of the property. Not good.

Obama's Support Softens ... particularly among men and upper-income voters ... the article draws no conclusions.

Citi merger architect calls deal ‘mistake’ ... remember Sandy Weill? Now they tell us.

Global Warming Dipped This Year ... that's the BBC headline ... global warming dipped? Double oh brother.

CBS planning another Rove smackdown and Powerline is all over it. This could get good.

Muslims leaving Islam? ... not sure what to make of this but if it is true maybe the lead story has something to do with it.

Headlines gleaned from Drudgereport, Instapundit, Powerline and HotAir