Sunday, May 4, 2008

The New York Times: Operation Chaos Denier

The NYT: Working hard to make sure you know its not Rush Limbaugh ... it's bitter Republicans.

"Mr. Nichols said he had no health insurance and lived on a block where three houses were in foreclosure. “McCain doesn’t have an economic plan,” he said “We’re in a recession and need relief now ... ""

A whiny Republican? Hey, if a conservative can get elected as Mayor of London. But wait ... The NYT may have slipped up. Two lines in the article suggest yes, it is Rush.

"In Wisconsin’s Feb. 19 contest, for example, Mr. Obama got about three-quarters of the votes cast by those identifying themselves as Republicans. (Hmmm, that's before Operation Chaos) In Texas’ March 4 primary, though, he and Mrs. Clinton split the Republican vote almost evenly, while in Mississippi on March 11, she outpolled him among Republicans by a three-to-one margin."
(Hmmm, that's after Operation Chaos began)"

Wait there's more.

“We’re getting a lot of inquiries from Republicans asking how do you do it, how do you cross over,” Dan Parker, the Democratic Party state chairman, said in an interview here. “It’s been our No. 1 request for the past two months.” ( Why that's exactly when Operation Chaos began .... hmmmm.)

This is too funny ... I don't know if it's Rush ... but if it isn't, the left leaning media is sure paying a lot of attention to it for nothing.