Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yanks fan charged with murder in Sox fan death

This is INSANE!!! And this is why I tend to shy away from attending Sox/Yanks games. I have a cousin who's a hard core Yanks fan and he can laugh when I buy his baby on the way a Sox onsie. A Yanks fan is sits about 20 feet away from me at work and we can seem to enjoy some Sox/Yanks jousting in the morning (and his baby will also be in position of a Sox onsie soon too). Now alcohol was of course involved here. But alcohol's involved at my family functions believe me, and my cousin and I don't throw down.

I can't quite put my finger on how or why this happens. I generally think that people who accelerate to this point are not true fans of baseball. I admit it, I hate the Yanks. I'm a life long Sox fan. But I can also admit that Derek Jeter's a great baseball player. You can read the article on this case here. What you'll find is that a fine 29 y/o man is dead for no good reason at all and we all lost.

~Post by Mel