Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Elana

Somehow I missed this article. Really nails it ... but no surprise to my listeners.

Here's a bit:

At just 33 years old, James has already become noteworthy through her work as member of Hot Club of Cowtown. After seven years the band split in 2004 and James took to touring with Bob Dylan. Yeah-the Bob Dylan and it gets better; she had to pass up touring with Willie Nelson to accept Dylan's offer ...  James, an Austin, Texas native has found her calling which compares to the lounge sounds made popular by Norah Jones and Diana Krall but doesn't get bogged down by the calm soothing beats of the aforementioned jazz influenced singers ... If the CafĂ© 9 crowd is lucky, James will thrill listeners with the bubbly upbeat rhythm of Liza Jane, a square dance tune that will bring you right back to gym class-oh, for a good dosi-do. 

Earning accolades along the way, James may be the next big thing and here's your chance to catch her show before the tickets cost you your whole pay check.

You folks can say you knew her when ... 
Here are the links to the two Elana movies if you want to watch: Movie 1 Movie 2

Editors Note: one correction to the Play New Haven Article. James, as many of you know, is not an Austin native, she lives there now, but not a native.