Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Iranian Justice

Tom Gross asks 'Where is the New York Times on this?". Where, indeed. We must understand different cultures have different values and forms of justice. We MUST understand.
First this:
Two sisters – identified only as Zohreh and Azar – have been convicted of adultery and sentenced to be stoned to death by the Iranian Supreme Court. Just in case anyone doesn’t realize this, the practice of stoning is excruciatingly painful for the victim.
Then This:
The 22-year-old, identified only as Mohsen, was handed down the death penalty by a criminal court after being found guilty of drinking alcohol for a fourth time.
The young man had expressed his repentance in a letter, but the judges of Branch 72 of the Tehran penal court sentenced him to death. The usual punishment for a single drinking offense is 80 lashes, according to Iran’s penal code, which is based in Islamic sharia law.

Ahh yes ... sharia law ... what was that Anglican Bishop saying about Sharia law in Britain again?