Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Obamaaaaaa! (Insert Fainting Now)

Update: Coincidence?: Our morning show host Ray Dunaway pointed this out after sifting through DU. A little research and this is what I came up with. Coincidence? The Obama version of "crying"? Or am I just cynical (hard not to be these days)? There seems to be a trend at Obama rallies ... women fainting. And interestingly enough the Senator responds the same way every time, almost as if ... naah, couldn't be.

It happened here in Hartford ....
Throughout the speech, Obama kept a close eye on the crowd. Upon hearing a small group begin chanting “We can’t wait” — a phrase Obama had just used — he pointed them out with an outstretched arm, and within seconds the entire arena was chanting the phrase in unison.
And when a woman appeared to faint in the standing-only VIP section in front of the podium, Obama paused his speech for over a minute as he directed the crowd to make way for an EMT team and tossed a bottle of water from the stage.

but also here in New Hampshire ...

oh yeah ... and here ... in Seattle
Climate change, the Iraq war and Obama tossing a bottle of water to a woman about to faint all received big cheers. As Obama told the crowd to part so that the woman in question could leave and called for help, a young girl in the crowd shouted out, "What a man!"

and In LA ... maybe this one started it all.
He spoke for about 20 minutes, hitting his core themes of optimism and accountability."What's called for is a level of responsibility and seriousness that we haven't seen in a very long time," he told the cheering crowd, which included college students in short sundresses and big sunglasses and older couples in peace symbols.A woman standing in front of the stage appeared to faint as Obama spoke about Iraq. The candidate paused and asked the crowd to make way for firefighters.One supporter shouted, "You're a good man," leaving Obama momentarily at a loss for words."Well, I'm not the only one stopping to help her," he said, sounding almost embarrassed.

and wait ... here too in Madison ... and that was before he even got there.
Obama exited to an exuberant crowd shouting, “fired up!” and “ready to go!” Before the senator arrived, students were tossing around an inflatable cow above the crowd. Three people fainted in the midst of all the enthusiasm.

This could be a really swell game ... count the number of people on the campaign overcome by the "vapas". OK ... one more time ... it has to be hypnosis.

Thanks to Jim Geraghty at National Review for giving us a link. Thanks Jim!