Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Real Obama

This via Instapundit ... it's the Obama unplugged that I found most interesting. When asked to improvise he's a different speaker and we get a glimpse of the real Obama. Everyone speaks better with a teleprompter ... it's just most people don't change their personalities too. From the Weekly Standard:

What was especially noteworthy about his Virginia speech were the diversions Obama took from the prepared text. Because of Obama's improvised moments, this speech was different than the usual fare he offers. We didn't get the normal dosages of post-partisanship or even "elevation." Virtually every time Obama deviated from the text, he expressed the partisan anger that has so poisoned the Democratic party.
Now that's no way to win over Obamacans ... what's more as we discovered, when asked to ad lib ... well he makes no sense.