Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Military Members Verbally Assaulted on the Metro

A good friend made me aware of this, sorry to say I'm not making this unclassified memo released by DoD


(U//FOUO) Military Members Verbally Assaulted on the Metro, VA Category(s): Awareness (U//FOUO)

Recently, there have been local incidents in which military personnel have been verbally assaulted while commuting on the Metro. Uniformed members have been approached by individuals expressing themselves as anti-government, shouting anti-war sentiments, and usingracial slurs against minorities. In one instance, a member was followed onto the platform by an individual who continued to berate her as she exited the metro station. Thus far, these incidents have occurred in thevicinity of the Reagan National Airport and Eisenhower Ave metrostations on the yellow line, however, military members should bevigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times while in masstransit. Should you be approached by any individuals expressing anti-government/anti-war sentiments, or any other types of direct verbal assault, immediately notify your local police jurisdiction. If riding metro, exit the train at the next stop, distance yourself from the individual, and notify the Metro Transit Police Department. Here are a few friendly reminders of personal protective measures that can help youto stay safe: If possible, do not commute in uniform (military members.) Do not display DoD building passes, "hot cards", or personalidentification in open view outside of the workplace. Do not discuss specifics about your occupation to outside solicitors. Always try to remain in well lit, well populated train cars if traveling via metro. MDNG FPTAC Note: There have been only two reported incidents to theMetro Transit Police Department. Both appeared to be random in nature. As warm weather approaches, anti-US policy activists are more likely tobe active throughout the National Capital Region. This does not appearto be an organized campaign; however, personnel within the National Capital Region should be aware of proper AT/FP measures.

~Post by Mel